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  • "ViralHope is a refreshing book for a church that needs to be refreshed. JR Woodward, like a symphony conductor, brings together dozens of distinct voices that sing into harmony the sweet voice of hope in both the urban centers and suburban crawls." -

    Andrew Jones, The Boaz Project (http://tallskinnykiwi.com)
  • "ViralHope is a bold call to reject any and all reductions of the Gospel that minimize it to 'cosmic fire insurance' on the one hand or, on the other, reduce it to 'social action'. This is a full Gospel and a vision that our world desperately needs to hear."

    - Jim Belcher, Author of Deep Church
  • "ViralHope inspires me to live more of the coming Kingdom now."

    - Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Author of Finding God at Harvard and Finding God Beyond Harvard (FindingGodAt.org)
  • "This book so deeply encourages me because it reminds me, you, us, and the rest of the world that no one monopolizes or owns the Gospel but rather the Gospel owns... and liberates us."

    - Eugene Cho, Pastor and Blogger (eugenecho.com) and founder of One Day's Wages (www.onedayswages.org)

About Viral Hope

The gospel. The good news. Too often we boil it down to four steps, an easily memorized list of axioms, a diagram on the back of a napkin. But in the midst of all this, we seem to lose the wonder, poetry, and transformational nature of the gospel.

In ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs, fifty authors take on the task of sharing the good news for their city, together weaving a beautiful tapestry of the gospel in all its depth and complexity. These essays reveal how the gospel lives and breathes in neighborhoods around the world.